Communicate better with your clients through a short film

Regardless of whether you or your business market a product, provide a service, or are embarking on a Kickstarter campaign, the evolving challenge is to communicate what you offer, to your existing and potential clients in the best possible way.

The way you communicate needs to be informative, concise, memorable, and have repeatability.

A short film on your website or Kickstarter page can be a great way of doing this. Something of typically no more than 3 minutes that gets your message across.

As a Cameraman, Producer and Filmaker with many years experience I am very happy, without obligation, to discuss how this might work for you.

I can offer all the necessary steps, from first ideas and pre-production, through scriptwriting, sourcing locations and planning, to the actual filming then the editing, to create your bespoke film.

I am also able to produce a longer form film for you, perhaps a video newsletter, or a more detailed product information film, or a series of interviews to be shared at a conference or event on the big screen. The format and quality can be tailored to your requirements, be it standard HD for the web or distribution, up to 2K or 4K for the big screen.

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