Training with Lighting Cameraman Nic Holman

& Sound Recordist Dominic Bekes

With nearly 40 years in the film industry combined, Lighting Cameraman Nic Holman, & Sound Recordist Dominic Bekes, have worked on pretty much most genres and in most types of location, from the single presenter link or interview in an office to large multi-crewed dramas in the studio and on location. It occured to us that this is the kind of experience could be shared to benefit corporate film units and those wishing to grow their film and sound recording skills.

Many companies, especially in the corporate arena, are increasingly using video and film to communicate within their workforce and sell or inform to clients. Naturally for the larger projects it would still be recommended to get the professionals in but many companies have a much simpler day to day need for short videos which do not warrent 'the big production.' In these circumstances it makes sense on many levels for these companies to asign a few employees to an in-house film unit and invest in educating them in basic shooting and sound recording.

To this end, Nic & Dominic have structured a two day course by way of introduction to filming, lighting, sound recording & basic production to get your team started. We will attend your workplace or arrange an independant site near your place of work to undertake the training. We will work with the equipment you have purchased but also bring in Camera, sound and lighting equipment to suppliment the training and give you a path forward should you wish to purchase additional equipment. The training takes the form of classroom sessions and to a larger part practical hands-on sections. We will supply printed notes to suppliment the training which are yours to keep and following training we are happy to provide a recommended purchase list to ensure you're empowered to properly undertake the films you want to make.

While the core of our training is filming we can also supply an editor to get you started on Final Cut or Premier, whichever system you have invested in.

The training is totally interactive and we encourage questions throughout.

Simply put, we can tailor any training to your specific needs and the number of days you wish to invest in, although we recommend no less than 2 ... there is a lot to cover.

Our training days run from 10am to 4pm onsite, excluding travel, and with lunch and coffee breaks. We've found that this is about the right time to hold the attention span.

Case Study. With a need to create frequent video content for internal comms and clients it became clear to Redgate Software, a multi-national company, that they needed an ability to fulfill their own 'day to day' video needs on small projects. Having invested in some camera and sound equipment they approached Picture Palette Ltd for some training in how to get the best out of what they had and to enhance their present level of knowledge. We were able to structure a 2 day instructional course tailored to their needs. With a good mix of 'classroom' and practical we were able to leave the 5 Redgate film unit members with a greatly improved ability to cope with basic interviews, shooting GVs and an understanding of basic lighting and sound recording.

"Thanks Nic for all the work that you and Dom did for the team here. They’re clearly fired up and far more confident." - Richard Collins, Head of Marketing @ Redgate Software

"A huge thank you for last week. I enjoyed Monday and Tuesday so much; you’re both very good at explaining the material, and patient where you need to be ; )" - Danielle Ainsworth, Redgate Software

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